About Us

Over twenty-five years

in the making

Serving the commercial onshore and offshore interior industries for over twenty-five years.

During this time we have gathered great experience, culminating in the development of a simple and effective method of construction, which utilizes only three main materials; Aluminium, solid grade High Pressure Laminate Compact (HPL-Compact) and stainless steel. All three materials welcome harsh and demanding environments; particularly that found in marine and offshore installations and completely rule out deterioration from water ingress and corrosion.

Ninety-nine per cent of our components are manufactured by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) within our own dedicated factory, to allow for a smooth, efficient and quick installation on site.

Additional to their performance qualities, our materials are also available in a wide range of colour and textured finishes, limiting your furniture design by your imagination only.

Our HPL-Compact material is resistant to:


and all products come with a Ten Year Guarantee
(with a life expectancy of 30-40 years).



Our Aim


Our aim has always been to improve the living conditions of our clients, whilst at the same time reducing the requirement for regular maintenance and its associated costs by offering a robust, quality product with a longer life expectancy than any of our competitors.

Geschwender Interiors are committed to working closely with our auditors and certification bodies to bring a high standard of professionalism and quality to our business.


Our fitted furniture is also available certified to IMO Wheelmark
– please get in touch for further information.